Claude Perreault found his path as an artist at the tender age of six, on the toilet. There he sat, in his aunt’s house, staring at the flocked wallpaper in her bathroom. Claude found that when he crossed his eyes, he could move the dots around in his field of vision. At one point, the polka dots merged. Suddenly, the wall appeared to be six feet away. Claude was startled, and two things happened at this moment: One, he established his abiding lifelong obsessions as an artist – the mechanics of binocular vision, and the way it defines (and warps) the way we perceive the world; and two, he immediately accepted that profound artistic inspiration can strike quite literally anywhere. (Talk about the convergence of the sacred and the profane.)

Claude has been a devoted student of art ever since. Whether sneaking peeks at the nudes in his Mom’s art books, or painting murals on the walls of his bedroom (an activity endorsed by his dear parents), Claude was clear on his calling very early. At nineteen, he made a pilgrimage to Europe to study the masters; standing in front of the Rokeby Venus by Velazquez, he experienced textbook Stendhal’s Syndrome. There could be no other obsession (other than his lovely wife, Joey, of course, and maybe the odd spy song) – it was art all the way.

Claude has since worked his way through a rich and varied career, from small pieces that explore unsettling dreamscapes to artwork on ships that ply the seas for Disney. Indeed, Claude’s art and mural work has led him around the world, from Tokyo to Dubai, from San Diego to Cairo and back home to B.C. Through his commissioned works, he’s painted in a diverse range of styles: photo-realism, abstraction, close facsimiles of the great masters – the list could go on, but one look at the portfolio will give you an idea of the range we’re talking about. Whether it’s grand convex globes in Texan mansions or original t-shirts in his family basement, Claude’s devotion to his art pours into everything he does.

Claude is proud and grateful that he’s been fortunate enough to call this abiding obsession a career. He humbly thanks you for taking the time to peruse his work here.


For large commissioned works, Claude prefers to work off site in studio, using a method that he has distilled over time. The pieces are measured out, completed on canvas, and then shipped and installed, piece by piece.

He has perfected this method of canvas installation over the years, executing everything from a 76 ft circumference hemispherical dome (the work was completed in 12 panels – he actually removed the segments of a paper globe of the earth, and mapped out the panels in miniature), to a single seamless panel 10’ wide x 42’ long applied to a barrel vaulted ceiling. This off-site technique is more cost effective and convenient, and allows Claude the time and space to complete the work without the pressure of him occupying the space throughout the execution of the project.

Murals and Commissioned Artwork

  • Murals, Private Residences, Tokyo, Japan,
  • Murals and Specialty Finishes, Four Seasons Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
  • Mural, Private Villa, Dubai, UAE,
  • Mural, Private Villa, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Murals, Private Residence, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Commissioned Art, for Disney Cruise Ships, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy
Throughout the US and Canada
  • Mural, Acqualina Resort, Miami, Florida
  • Murals, Gaylord Palms Resort, Orlando, Florida
  • Bar Mural, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Mural, Private Residence, Coronado Island, San Diego, California
  • Mural, Alfieri’s Restaurant, Sheraton Hotel, San Diego, California
  • Murals, Troon North Resort, Four Seasons, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Mural, Private Residence, Dallas, Texas
  • Bar Mural, St. Regis Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Murals, Private Residences, Vancouver, BC
  • Mural, Private Residence, Whistler, BC
  • Mural, Belmont Building Lobby, Victoria, BC
  • Murals, Marriott Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, ON